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Teaching for Transformation

On August 16 and 17, 2022, a group of eighteen faculty and administrators returned to campus several days early from summer break to participate in the “early adopters” training for Teaching for Transformation (TfT) as part of DC’s “Deeper Learning” strategic initiative. Christian ‘Deeper Learning’ invites us to become engaged in God’s story, equips us to play our unique role, and empowers us to apply our knowledge and skills to produce real work that meets real needs for real people. Teaching for Transformation is a framework for the creation of authentic, formational learning experiences that are rooted in a Biblical worldview and align with the mission of DC. 
The Teaching for Transformation program at DC is being implemented over three years and involves training faculty and staff to design transformational learning experiences. TfT trains teachers to incorporate “Throughlines” into their lessons - discipleship habits and practices such as “God Worshiping,” “Creation Enjoying,” “Community Building,” and “Servant Working”- with the goal of transforming the student’s understanding of why they learn. “Throughlines ensure the focus of teaching at DC is not just about the transfer of knowledge and facts, but will propel teachers to educate the whole child within the context of God’s greater story, and how every child will impact the world through Biblical thought and action.
This school year, “early adopters” within our faculty and staff will learn together and build a framework in their classrooms. DC is also partnering with the Logan Hope School in Philadelphia to walk together through TfT implementation. Early adopters from both schools will work together with Amanda Albright, DC’s TfT designer, throughout the year. All faculty and staff at both schools will be incorporating TfT into their instruction during year three (2023-2024).